1. fuusenchan:

    Okay so here’s a lot of Nojiko fanart from her Pixiv, apparently. There’s some original stuff too. Too many files so here’s a .rar: [x]

  2. fuusenchan:

    More Nojiko stuff from an even older site. I think it’s all from Oofuri, not sure. Probably missing a few pics though.

  3. fuusenchan:

    Ookiku Furikabutte fanart by Hayakawa Nojiko.

  4. fuusenchan:

    Some crossover fanart.

  5. fuusenchan:

    And here’s some pretty old Ookiku Furikabutte comics Nojiko drew and posted on one of her websites. “A comic about Tajima’s birthday” and ”X = (Tajima + Hanai) x 5”. [x]

  11. Hana no Saku koro - Hayakawa Nojiko

  13. full resolution: here

    you can read the manga here or DL here.

    scanner: lynncomic (Thank you very much for giving us permission!!!)

    translator: natsu (Thank you so much for such speedy translations babe!)

    typesets: yu

  14. pixiv

    translation: ichigohaatsu

    typeset: yu

  15. pixiv

    translator: ichigohaatsu

    typeset: yu